Marble is a beautiful natural stone that develops through transformation under intense pressure from the earth. The appearance and color of this wonderful marble is the result of many chemicals, voids, and lurking impurities, and the transformation of the stones gives them durability that will last for decades. Marble is extracted from various quarries all over the world.

Marble is in great demand all over the world as many of the world’s greatest monuments have been carved out of different types of marble.

Egyptian marble exporting company

Egypt is the top marble producing country

Aqareegypt is a reputable Egyptian granite and marble exporting company that specializes in stone processing and sales. The best marble slabs and tiles are available from us. provides a vast selection of granite and marble tiles in high-quality materials at affordable costs. Our products, which rank among the top suppliers, are well-liked by clients from all over the world, particularly because of the distinctive color and texture options they offer. With our great service capabilities, affordable rates, premium items, and on-time delivery, we always work to satisfy every customer. The best natural stone is Egyptian marble, which has distinctive colors, grain patterns, and textures. We are ready to provide our services as one of Egypt’s top exporters of Egyptian marble.

marble exporting company
marble exporting company

biggest exporter of marble

 India, China, Egypt, Portugal, Oman, Macedonia, Tunisia, and Tunisia. These nations have an abundance of marble resources that they offer to the rest of the world

Aqareegypt is a marble exporting company

best marble in the world

We have taken upon ourselves the task of being one of the most exporting countries of Egyptian marble and granite all over the world

Top granite producing countries

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Types of Egyptian marble for export

Almera Pink Marble – Egyptian Marble

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